Blue Cumin Magor

Telephone: 01633 880000

All of our food is cooked with the attention to detail that you would expect, this means that the food that you are served is perfect in every way.


Our Menu is viewable in PDF format, click on the link on the left to either view on your screen or download it to your computer.

Alternatively, click here, to be taken to a separate web page to view the menu via the web

Food, glorious food…  The way to a man's heart is through his stomach…  An army marches on its stomach.…  and so many other cliches that all centre around one of life's necessities - eating. Our aim is to ensure you a truly unique and unforgettable culinary experience, here at the Blue Cumin, Magor.

If you cannot see what you would like on our menu, please ask.. Although we cannot promise that we can cook it, we are always willing to experiment. Who knows, we might even name the dish after you, immortalising you!



Is to be


every time.

The Blue Cumin food App? Quite simply there isn't one.

A food app cannot tell us if you wish your sauce creamier, or that you would like your meat to be rarer.

It is your call. Our personal service will ensure that your food is cooked exactly how you wish.

Food is one thing that should not be left to chance.